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Show forum moderators 1.2.2

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The same applies to my forum. We have subforums in 3 columns and node.lastpost has a width of 310px, so there is no space left between subforums and node.lastpost. It would also work if we could display moderators under the node title.


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@Dubbed Navigator It is not wrong, it is my idea for type of apperance of moderators view block. (And not necessarily to click, enough mouse hover)
1 - IMHO original apperance is not good and does not fit the XenForo style
2 - if MANY moderators in the forum - apperance of moderators block is so bad

If you don't want of this style - you can modify it in 3 templates modifications as you wish:
node_forum_level_2 - view in node list (example: index page), moderators block near each forum.
forum_view - view in forum, moderators block at the top of forum page.
thread_view - view in thread, moderators block at the top of thread page.

or use original, non-modified addon.