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AndyB submitted a new resource:

First Post Only Forum - Show first post only to guests.


Show first post only to guests.

Please note that when this add-on is used, search crawlers like Google will only be able to index the first post.

(Example of guest viewing a thread)

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(Example of Options page)

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  • Option to select which forum is effected by this add-on.
  • Thread status only shown if there is more than one post in a thread.
  • All phrases start with andy_firstpostonly_ for...

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Second addon that does this and also the more useful. What about Google bot?

Google of course won't get past the first post. That is in your favour if it's a good post as often lots of off topic comments further down can dilute the validity of a good topic.

Backlinks, FB likes and tweets to the thread, will also now be valid as at least the thread itself doesn't throw up an error when following a link.

Nice addon, as ever, well done Andy!

How about the option to choose the number of posts, e.g. first xx number of posts?
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