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Show Extras in thread page - Show what extra information you want in different places in threads pages


First I should say I'm not a professional XF add-on developer, so don't expect a lot from me and this simple add-on. (this is a simple add-on for those who don't know how to use templates to add their contents to pages. So if you are a professional admin, then feel free to purchase a manage ads add-on, that has tons of features)

I just saw some one need to show some extra contents in different places in thread pages, so just created this add-on.

With this add-on you show everything...

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Well, all you need to do is to put your codes in fields. It will show the result.
So, if you have a ad code of a ad service, then just copy it inside any of fields you want. That's it.

But if you completely ask to know how that is possible to learn from scratch, then I think there are couple of threads in forum. I remember once I read one of them. (I'm not on my PC as I'm on way from University, having phd exam. So, unfortunately can't write a tutorial)

But honestly speaking, if you want to have a professional ad system, then I suggest you to use @Siropu 's add-on. This add-on of mine is so simple and I have no plan to expand it. It was my first add-on and shared it just for those who need a simple way of showing ad in thread page.

If you need any help, feel free to ask it. Hope to be able to help you.
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