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XenForo moderator
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The forums route is hard coded into the software.

The Route Filter feature in 1.2 will allow you to change it, but not remove it completely.

There is also a route changer add-on but I haven't used it.
Took a look at Jake's route changer add-on but it seems you can only change a word like threads to another word.

I'm guessing there is no way for any thread in a certain category to be recognized like vbseo does so it will be %category_name%/thread-title-9540

No way to ditch /forums/ either?

Jakes solution allows me to change it from forums to whatever I want, but not to get rid of it completely. I don't need http://forums.domain.com/forums/...........

Any way of getting rid of the /forums bit as i already have it in my subdomain.



XenForo moderator
Staff member
As I have already explained, Route Filters will not allow a route to be removed completely.

Note that the find and the replace fields both need to start with a "prefix" (basically, alphanumeric and dash), so you can't simply remove a route prefix. Doing that would break everything.


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I don't think is possible to accomplish that with route changer. I wish I am wrong, because i wanted this option way back. The reasoning to stay away from this option is the fact that moving threads to another forum will affect the seo of your site, since the link(url) will also change. Overall, its better to stay away from this feature.

edit:Brogan confirm my thought (ninja)