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XF 1.4 Show and allowing Dofollow links in signature to all groups?


I want to know ways to show signature to all groups on the forum, include guest group

As I am seeing on my forum
it is using default setting from Xenforo thus I only can see it when I logged into the account.

Also, I want to allow dofollow links in signature for all groups

where to edit this?

Thanks in advance!
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There's no direct control over nofollow/dofollow in the code. It's based on a user being an admin or staff.
To show signatures to guests, use the ACP search for "signature", then click on the highlighted option and enable this.

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Thanks Martok, I allowed signature to guest

It can increase new members to our forum and they wanted to have signature show to all groups.

Because our forum niche is advertising thus it will be more helpful for members to have signature.