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XF 1.2 ShoutBox background


Active member
Hi there,

I recently went with the darkness style, the only is the the shout box now shows the light font.
I know if I change the font color it will affect the site color. Is there a way to change the background on the chat in each style ?? I just need it a tad darker right now its light tan over white LOL.

Thank You .


Active member
I could not find it over in the resources, I did not install it when I did my forum the tech guy did ..
I am not sure what are you asking about, but to change the text color:
div.taigachat_messagetext { font-weight: bold; }
This will make it bold, do the same way to change color. (Template: EXTRA.css)


Active member
Background, but I will ask there oddly that is the developer you gave me but my version is way different .
I asked ever there though. Thank You