Should voting in a poll count as a "reply" for What's New purposes ?


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Funny I asked why this DIDN'T happen just the other week. I too think it should.
Many a time a person jumps on the poll and votes, but it gets lost because no-one comments.

Digital Doctor

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I would say no and this could take a lot of coding working for an extremely small amount of benefit.
Too bad, I was hoping it was easy.

Polls suffer because of the lack of exposure to the What's New list.

Polls need to be entirely removed from [New Post] and need to be improved. They should be their own Content Type, unrelated to regular threads.

Digital Doctor

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I've modded the original idea that New Votes in a Poll should "BUMP" the thread back to "NEW". I think it should, but that you might only allow the bumping to occur for a certain length of time, say 1 week.

This will keep recent Polls ACTIVE ... but if the poll sucks .... it'll die before the week specified time frame.

Digital Doctor

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Another tweak to this would be informing the person who just voted that a vote ALONE won't bump the thread by they can reply to the Poll/Thread which will bump the Poll to what's new. But that's probably overkill. But I bet someone might want it ! :)

Other tweak options:
(1) More than X votes (say 3) in a period of time (say 3 days) would automatically constitute a bump.
(2) Every second or every third vote would bump the Poll.
(3) Votes would automatically trigger the post to be NEW for those that haven't VOTED yet ! (They might vote just to shut the poll up !) (PLUS, they wouldn't have to see the poll in what's new when there were no new replies (ie. just a new vote in the poll)). (You might want to have every poll have a [dismiss] option ... if you dont want to vote to shut the poll up).
(4) ie. when someone votes in a poll, a new reply is autogenerated, which outlines who voted +/- what they voted for.

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Idea: If you want a Vote to bump the Poll back into What's New (so it can be found by others)(to keep the poll alive)... then you could add a new post saying ... Person X voted on the poll. That would bump it up (plus it would give something new to find for the thread watchers).
It would work similar to when a new version of an addon in the Resource Manager is added (a post automatically appears in the thread).