Lack of interest Should it be easier to go back and forth to my 10 latest threads ?

Digital Doctor

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Besides having 10-200 browser windows open at one time ... which I do.
Should there be a way to go to one thread. get the info you need. and then go back to the thread where you want to post the information ?

Ideas ?

There is a "Jump to" feature for Forums, but more useful to me would be "Jump back" to
(1) the previous thread,
(2) one of the latest 10 threads.

Yes, I do use the browser BACK thing, but that fails at times for some reason.
As well, alot of users wouldn't use the browser BACK.

Digital Doctor

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Anyone like this ?

It would be like a "thread breadcrumb" ?

of your last threads.

could be saved, so that when you come back, you know what you were doing !

Digital Doctor

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Your dropdown - > Your Content
No ... it isn't threads you have posted in .... it is threads you have visited.
I mostly wanted this feature because I constantly try to find URLs to answer questions of the Pre-Sales people.
I flip from XenCarta to Wordpress to BBCode to Xenporta threads.
I usually have 20 windows open.
I thought this might help.


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I think having 100 browser windows opened at all times is really extreme and hopefully majority of people wouldn't have that.... I usually just have 1 window. With less than 5 tabs most of the time. Middle mouse clicking on threads to open them in new tab is super easy already.


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Much better suited for an add-on. I feel it's wasted resources tracking it, displaying it, etc., when the average user won't use it often. I reorganize my tabs so its easy to switch.