Should I use htaccess to forward an old menu.htm page to a new folder?


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My site has an old menu.htm page that Im replacing with wordpress as the menu page. It will be contained in its own folder. Problem is my menu.htm page is ranked highly in google.

Should I

a) leave the menu.htm page alone so that google keeps it, and just change the index page to point to the new wordpress folder on the ENTER site link?

or b) is it better to do that AND use htaccess to forward the menu.htm page to the new wordpress menu page... So that anyone coming in from google menu.htm link will automatically go to the new menu system

Is b) what I should be doing?

Sadik B

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Well, I normally use 301 in htaccess when i move stuff and it keeps Google happy. But if you can afford to leave the old link alone, sure why not.


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ya, the page can just stay up, all new links will point to the wordpress main page. Then I guess google will slowly phase it out as nothing will link to it.