XF 2.2 Should a 'search forum' node be displaying an 'unread' version of the node icon (and bold titles)?


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We're using a 'search forum' node to aggregate a few different forums together. When clicking on the search forum you get the expected thread listing and threads with unread posts show up with bold titles as normal. But if the user has unread posts contained in the results shown in the search forum node then should the search forum node's icon & title be in bold to indicate that there are unread posts like a normal node does? 🤔

If the answer is "No" then can this thread get moved to the Suggestions area? And, of course, if the answer is "Yes" then can this thread get moved to the Bugs area? :D

For anybody else wondering what I'm describing, you can see it here at XF.... click https://xenforo.com/community/#tests-and-examples.14 and take notice of the icons & titles for the "Fixed Bugs" and "Implemented Suggestions" search forum nodes; you likely have unread posts in those results but those two listings in the forum view don't give any indication of that.


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Short answer is that this is basically expected and it's very unlikely to change for technical reasons. It's very hard to know whether or not you have any unread content in a search node without manually calculating it against all of the threads found (which then also need to take into account your specific permissions), compared to a normal forum where we track the specific time a forum was last marked as read. So essentially, it boils down to (almost) always showing one way or another.