XF 1.4 Shared IP Addresses


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Not sure when this started happening, if it was after the latest update or what, but the Shared IP utility does not appear to be working anymore.

Had a user sign up this morning, and all 3 IPs match his 2nd account: content, user registration, account confirmation. They are literally identical between the 2 accounts.


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I've just checked a few accounts here and it seems to be working.

What is the duration in weeks between the two accounts using the same IP address?
The option on the profile page only covers the last two weeks.


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Thanks Brogan.

I wasn't aware of the 2 week limit. After that, you have to run it through the admin panel or such?

The ones specifically in question, however, are about 43-44 hours apart...just under 2 days.

[Edit . I should note...it is within the 2 weeks. First account was Thursday, 2nd account was today, Saturday.