Shared Hosting Question


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Hello all,

I am restarting my community with xenoro and have been researching hosts, I am small between 50 and 100 members however I will be adding a shout box and few other small add on's. Currently doing SMF hosting on a really good host but he has never had anyone load xenforo on any of his sites ( runs mostly SMF )

My question is has anyone here used Arvixe hosting or wadhosting for their forum ? I really want a solid host for my community without dealing with an over seller like go daddy or hostgator.

Any feedback anyone here has on them would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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Arvixe was sold to EIG not too long ago, and is the last place you want to be. Though their staff is apparently still the same for now and are the servers, that is absolutely guaranteed to change, just like all the others. The whole "unlimited" disk space and bandwidth is a fantasy as well. Such a thing doesn't exist.