Not a bug  Share This Page missing share icons


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Looked but didn't see this mentioned. When I click a permalink, I find this without the ability to share:


I'm unsure if there's something wrong with my browser because I haven't seen anyone else mention it.

Chrome 13.0.782.220, Mac 10.6.8


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Forgot to mention OS, added to first post.

Crossed my mind. Disabled it but didn't make a difference, and it's the only thing I have on Chrome.
Same here, didn't make a difference to me.
And we'll have to wait for another Macguy to confirm the bug on Macs :)


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I know Kier uses Mac & Chrome so I would be surprised if it wasn't working with that combo...
You can mark this as "Not a Bug." :whistle:

I noticed it was happening in Safari as well (but not Firefox), so digging a little deeper it looks like it was from an extension on my computer that I had completely forgotten about that didn't install per-browser but on the system in general. Disabled it and it's all good now.


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Sorry for the double post, but thought I should mention in case anyone else comes across the fix in the future.

In case anyone was wondering, the extension was GlimmerBlocker that was causing it. The simple fix for me adding it to the whitelist. View attachment to see what I added.