XF 2.2 Share Articles from Article forum in regular forum?


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I have made an article node, works well, but some of these articles posted there fit in with some of the normal discussion nodes.

What I want to do is to share/publish the same article in the discussion nodes where they fit in? These are not article nodes.

How can I do that without to dublicate the post?
that does not look really nice...
But if you want to direct all the discussion back to the article comments, that would be the best way. Certainly how we will do it because our new article forum, unlike the previous one, fits our core mandate and main forum to a tee.
I don't understand what you mean @Mendalla sorry.

All I want to do is to show the article as some sort of a FEATURING article in different forums, once people click there, they go to the original article in it's original article forum.
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