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Shadow ban posts - Shadow bans posts by selected users.

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Shadow bans posts by selected users.

If you have a user that posts inappropriately but you don't want to ban them outright, then Shadow banning could be the...

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Nice! Since we don't yet have Coventry, at least this can tame down some members' posts.

Question, though--does this affect user posts made before Shadow Bans are enabled, or only the posts made afterwards? It might be suspicious to other members if a long-time member were shadow banned and their posts all suddenly disappeared. But Coventry worked the same way, actually. ;)


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The permission says, "without approval." Does this mean the user's posts will go to the approval queue?


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Doesn't work. Other than the permission, what else needs to be done?

Edit: I does work, but is of limited value. Once the post is approved, it is public, and if it's deleted, the user know.

This would be far more useful if the post remains viewable by the shadowed poster, regardless of mod actions.

A separate useful addon would be to keep deleted posts visible to the poster, but not anyone else. This would solve a lot of problem with the, "why was my post deleted?" Posts.
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Having some issues.

Sometimes when I update the posts in the approval queue, the posts update just fine. Often times, though, nothing happens. The post doesn't update and it just stays in the approval queue. It's happening to me and all of my moderators.

I have two posts now that I have tried to update from my iphone and from my laptop, and they will not update.

To clarify, the post seems to be updating, but it is staying in the approval queue. In my most recent case, it happens to be the first post in the thread, which I thought this add-on wasn't supposed to handle.


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The poster still sees the "Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly." How is this a shadow ban when the poster knows?


I wish that there was an "ignore and hide" option in the moderator queue, rather than it just staying in the queue awaiting moderation when I neither want to approve or delete the post.


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The poster still sees the "Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly." How is this a shadow ban when the poster knows?

Any updates to this?

Users who are Shadow banned are receiving this message,

This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors.

Great idea but it does not work.


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The idea behind this add-on is excellent.
But there are some features suggestions that I would introduce.
That is the possibility of introducing a shadow ban for both IP and cookies. Why this? Because it would be very easy for a non-stupid user to redo the recording and find out that in reality his post is not seen and at that point trigger a reaction.
Shadow ban is based on the shared idea that it is not practiced: the moment someone discovers that they can be banned in this way, people get ready to discover the trick.
With the ban for IP and for cookies, at least, it would be more difficult to find out, in my humble opinion.


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This is not 100% as shadow ban. The post does not increase the reply count or show the users avatar on the thread list. Both of these are flags to the user that something is not right.

Also can this addon be updated to not run three direct DB queries, but use the Entities, finders, and repositories?