XF 1.1 Several Questions


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I have several questions that I've been meaning to ask for some time... I thank you ahead of time for any answers.

1. Is there a way to ignore undesirable threads that appear in one's "What's New?" It's a great feature but sadly a lot of "spam-like" threads appear on it that makes the search for fresh and interesting content a drag to find.

2. Is there a way to remove "guests" from appearing in the "Members Online Now" listing? I'd like only members to be able to appear in this list to see what everyone is doing.

3. Under Members - Registered Members... is there a way to sort them? In any way beyond Alphabetically? When there's thousands of users, this method is completely useless with many ghost/inactive members being in the way. I'd love to be able to sort them by # of posts or their # of likes.

4. Is there a simply way for the server to "recount" all the posts on the board properly so that post numbers are correct? The forum was imported from another system and sadly the numbers are all wrong. I knew this option existed on other forum types, I have been unable to find this option.


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1. Forums can be omitted from What's New, but not individual threads.

2. Not without an add-on or edits to the code.

3. Not without an add-on or edits to the code.

4. Rebuilding the caches should resolve that.


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My search-fu is weak and haven't been able to find anything on these boards. I would assume these questions have been asked before as I doubt #2 & 3 would be something most forum admins would want.