Several questions - Colors, User Titles, User info in topic


I have several questions.

What's the CSS file for:
- if you click in the upper right on SEARCH. YOu get a pop-up. On xenforo is light blue. On my forun is light yellow. I'm not sure exactly why. I have no light yellow in my color palete.
- on text boxes like "title", that search box where you type in general... it's automatically yellow when you are writing on it. How can I change that light yellow?

How can I put a image on user-title. I want an image saying "administrator" on my profile.

I saw a video that Kyer did and he can add more info to "postbit". Like post numbers, location, etc. WHere can I do this?



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The yellow background css class is .textCtrl:focus

The information under the avatar is set per style in Style Properties -> Message Elements
I like tose ribons.

About the Yellow stuff.

I have 2 yellow stuff I want to change.

1. On te textfield... like where you write the name of your topic. As long as I have that textfield selected to type... it's yellow
2. upper right, the search bar has a pop-up when you click on it. the whole pup-up is yellow... besides the actual textfield.




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As I posted above, the class is .textCtrl:focus
Just add this to EXTRA.css - change the background image and color to suit.

.textCtrl:focus {
background-image: none;
background-color: #CC0000;
If the whole search pop up is yellow then that will be due to your style properties or other changes you've made.

You can add some code to EXTRA.css for the #QuickSearch class to override them.
Thanks for all the help.

In the upper right, near alerts, inbox, log out you see your username. if you hover over it you see a dropdown. Here on xenforo the links are on 2 rows, but don't know why, on my forum I have 1 long row. Any idea why? I'm not sure what caused this.



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That will be due to some changed css.
Probably a margin or some padding you've added or increased.

You will need to check your edits and identify which one is causing that.
That will be due to some changed css.
Probably a margin or some padding you've added or increased.

You will need to check your edits and identify which one is causing that.
Damn. That's going to take me some times :( If I remember correctly I only edited the signature padding but this happened earlier I think.

Can you help me with this to also please? It will take me hours to find so many small things.

After that quick shot, when the drop down comes down I see it blue as it should. The reason why I'm showing that is that on the quick search pop-up, you can search by "Posted by member". When you start to type you get suggestions for usernames. Those suggestions have that color, that yellow. So basically you can't see the username because the text is also very light. I coudn't take a screenshot with that.
The mose-over for those type of links. I'm not sure where to modify this. I want to take out that drop-down shadow, etc. Where cand I find that?


The username and Login in or Sign Up text. I want to make them white or something.


Poll color when I hover over a result.

Oh man. I started a new skin thinking I will do it slowly and pay more attention. Damn. It's even more anoying than the first time. A lot of stuff are not there where I expect them... and some stuff I managed to find an schange on the first try.


Iwant control over the right boxes and over the left boxes (the one where you see the latest thread, user, and when it was posted).

Any ideas where to gain control of them? I want to change the background.

Same thing here. I need control over the column with the replayx and I want to change the color of that footer where the cursor is.

In this screenshot I found where to change the link color, but I still have that damn ugly drop-down white shadow. Cudn't find where to take it off.

On this one also. The mouse-over on the polls use the "light color" that I have in the color palette and I want to manualy change it. Any ideas where?

Big thanks for helping me. This is driving me crazy :(


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Do you use Firefox?

If so I would highly recommend installing Firebug as that will expose all of the css and html markup, making it easy to locate all of these individual elements.

If you use Chrome then there is Firebug Lite.