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"Several l of the free email services are blocked due to spammers..."

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lone Fox, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Lone Fox

    Lone Fox Member

    What do you think of forums that block registration from users with free email accounts? This is the first time I have ever encountered this.

    First off, this is not a temporary block due to a surge of spammers.
    Secondly, nowhere on the website does it mention that free email accounts are blocked.
    Thirdly, AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail... all of these main email usage accounts are blocked.

    I registered with two different email accounts and the only message I receive is:
    "This email address has been banned"

    There is a thread on this forum I really want to reply to (I have the EXACT same problem).
    Yeah... thanks.

    The funny thing is, I don't necessarily have a problem with blocking free email accounts; however, no-where does it mention this on the site. I personally emailed theme using the "Contact Us" form, and surprisingly they replied back.
  2. steven s

    steven s Well-Known Member

    It's been discussed before.
    Personally I don't like to alienate potential members.

    On our forum I always reply back to those who are not able to register due to a flagged ip address.
    In fact, I register for them. No sense in making it even more difficult.

    Add: I do have a message if you feel you have been blocked in error to use the contact us page.
  3. Lone Fox

    Lone Fox Member

    My IP Address isn't flagged.
  4. steven s

    steven s Well-Known Member

    I understand. I block ip addresses.
    Their deny message should say to contact someone.
    That is not how I treat potential new members.
  5. karll

    karll Well-Known Member

    Blocking all free email addresses seems completely silly. (Unless in the extremely unlikely scenario that they are focusing on a very narrow segment of potential users who they know all have other email addresses.)

    I have in the past blocked certain email domains known for their popularity amongst trolls. (I.e. use-and-throw-away email addresses such as hushmail.)
  6. tenants

    tenants Well-Known Member

    Banning temporary email providers makes sense, like: guerrillamail or mytempemail (these are often used by spammers to register and then discarded)

    But banning free email accounts seems like a last resort, the forum admin clearly didn't know of better options to prevent bots, but there are plenty of options, some of them are even free: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/dealing-with-forum-spam.980/
  7. Cal

    Cal Well-Known Member

    Banning free emails is crazy, however banning throw away emails is not. Is that what you mean by free? I have trouble all the time with email providers like mainlinator, etc. Those are the guys who troll, make sock puppets, and cause issues. In addition I need to email members at times and a throw away email defeats this purpose. So I simply do not allow these email extensions.

    This sums it up: http://www.theadminzone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37493

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