XF 1.5 Several Custom Banners with User Titles


I would like to add the option for Registered users to my forum to be able to select one of 12 (or more) different "categories" in their profile, which would give them a different, customized banner based on their choice under their avatar in comments.

This is how users commenting currently looks on the forum:

And here is a very quick mock-up of how I would want it to look:

The text for the user title "Level" (based on trophy points accumulated) is reflected in the custom banner, however the design of the banner itself (the slanted image to the left, mainly) would be based on the option they selected in their profile.

I've tried searching "custom banners," but I haven't found quite what I would want. What do I need to do to get this result, or are there any previous threads I could refer to in order to achieve this?

Apologies if this is a well-worn subject or if the question is too convoluted; I'm not very knowledgeable about the coding required for these changes quite yet.

My forum = http://personacentral.com/forums/

I've been using a forum called Oro Jackson (which uses XenForo as well) as a reference point.


You could do it with custom user fields and user group promotions/template edits.

These guides explain how to utilise custom user fields in that manner but you will need to adapt them for your own needs:

Thanks, I've spent some time with custom user groups and user group promotions now to theoretically achieve the result I would want for a custom banner displayed below a user title, but something I'm still struggling with is something akin to the following comment:
Is it possible to pull the information of the title ladder to the banner?
What I mean is, currently the member has the text 'member' based on title ladder under his name.
What I need is to have his text 'member' pulled into the banner we just created, then when the member has different title ladder, this will also be in the banner automatically. (see attchment picture)
The response to this seemed to imply that I would need to create a custom banner image for each title that the custom user group in question could achieve (e.g: 1 image for User Group 1 - Title 1; 2nd image for User Group 1 - Title 2; 3rd image for User Group 1 - Title 3, etc. And then the same for User Group 2, User Group 3, etc.). Is that the only solution there is, or is there a simpler way of overlapping a user title into the custom banner?

Maybe this resource is describing something akin to what I'm seeking?

Edit: Alternatively, is there any way of using a custom banner styling without needing to have any "Banner Text" in a custom user group? I can add "color: transparent" to the CSS class, but that doesn't actually erase the title and users can still highlight it on the custom banner.

Edit 2: Well, I suppose this works for hiding the Banner Text within the CSS class:
text-indent: 100%;
white-space: nowrap;
overflow: hidden;
Though the text can still be found on the page itself via a ctrl+f.
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