Fixed  several bugs in IE and one in date-fields


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a few bugs for you to work with:

1) Sign-Up page:
Date fields are not limited to certain amount of characters (should be only 2 characters for day and only 4 characters for year).

2) IE7-browser / visibility issues:
- curser-hand missing on hoover over Avatar.
- 2 avatars instead of 3 avatars in box.
- bottom of Title-text is cut off (text not fully visible); style-issue when text is 2 lines.

Please see Screenshots attached.



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Fixed most of these. The multiple line title thing won't be fixed; it's a limitation of IE7. IE8 and all non-IE browsers support the table-cell approach that we need.


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not that I am using IE7, I just have to use it once per week as I am in an office at which they have IE7 only, so I have the chance to test XF a bit on it:

So there is another small design-issue I discovered:
When hovering over the 4 navigation Tabs in the User-Profile, the bottom-line of the Tab is visible when hovering-mouse-out.

At 2 Tabs it is not showing the bottom-line which is fine, for the 2 other Tabs it still shows a line at the bottom of the Tab, when the Tab is in fact active.

See Screenshot attached.