Setting up a test forum

Hello - I was wondering if there is a thread, Resource, or discussion anywhere here that covers how to set up a test forum step-by-step - and this would be on the server, not locally/PC because another admin will need access.

I did a search and looked in the Manual, and couldn't find such a guide, although I did find these somewhat helpful threads:

I do have some questions on the process in case there is not such a thread. My understanding is that I need to:
  • Set up new directory and copy all the forum files to it
  • Create a new database for that directory in cPanel
  • Take a copy of my existing/live database and restore it to this new database
  • Change the cookie prefix
What order should these steps be done in and have I left anything out? Just want to ensure I don't mess up my live forum in the process or cause any problems for the forum users.

Also, what is the shell command I need to use for the restore assuming I'm typing this into PuTTY and will have a separate database user (let's say it's frank476).

Any guidance appreciated.