Lack of interest Setting to Disable two (or more) blanks lines per profile post.

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So I see many people posting on other people's profiles. They really like it. However, lots of people use blank lines on profile posts so to spam the page. I find this incredibly annoying, and I know that we can delete them, but would it be possible to prevent other people who post on your profile from using so many blank lines it spams your page? If you make a status update, for example, it disallows using lines.

Maybe it could be in the form of permission/(s), i.e:

Use lines in profile posts: Not Set/Allow/Never

And if that is allowed then the permission to control how many maximum blank lines in the profile post, such as:

Maximum lines per profile post: Unlimited / 0 - "however many is the maximum number"

I feel this would help prevent spam on profile pages, which I see so many times happening.

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