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I completed already the vb3.8x->XF import. I could not import the paid subscriptions. So I ended up with all my premium usergroup members imported (the vb paid subscriptions), but without timelenght of these subscriptions.

I then changed their (in vb) former primary usergroup which was the premium paid membership into the XF logic of beeing registerd and as additional usergroup checked for premium membership. I did change all that manually.

Now I am looking for a way to go through all these premium users in XF and insert manually the time lenght of their premium membership. I would check this with the old vb forums and would insert the number of days this subscription is still valid.

But I do not find in the XF any spot, where to enter the date or timelenght as it was the case in vb 3.8x.

Does somebody know where to do it and how to do it?
sorry for the double posting. I think it is better to continue here, since it is its own thread:

Admin CP -> Users -> List User Upgrades -> Controls: Manually Upgrade User

There is no field to enter a start and end date for that promotion. If I manually upgrade/promote those users, I have to make sure that the software automatically downgrades them to a normal user once the time of their premium membership is over. This is something between 1-12 months from now. For each user this is a different date.

How can I do this?
You can set a length for each upgrade:

So, create the upgrade, set a length and then manually upgrade the users. When you manually upgrade each user it will confirm the expiry date to you.
o.k., thanks. That means if I have 40 different users, each one with a different lenght, I have to create 40x a new usergroup, or do I miss something?

If the vb-xf importer impoted the premium usergroups, because theyhave been their primary usergroup, is then the time period also imported? Where can I check this just to be sure?
No. You will not need to create 40 new usergroups...

Admin CP > Users > List Active Upgrades

I'm not sure where you are in the process but if we were starting again from the beginning:

1) Set all of your members so their primary usergroup is "Registered".
2) Create a new User Upgrade at Admin CP > Users > List User Upgrades.
3) Set that up however you want it with the price, length of upgrade, usergroup to upgrade them to.
4) You will now have a User Upgrade that people can buy. To issue that to your 40 imported users, you may need to do this manually: Admin CP -> Users -> List User Upgrades -> Controls: Manually Upgrade User
5) Apply this to each of your users. They will automatically be upgraded to the relevant usergroup and it will expire at the period specified.

Some of this might not be necessary, but if you needed to start again those are the steps to follow.
I think I explained it not properly. It is about my old users from my old vbforum. I sold there premium memebrships. 12 months duration. Since every user purchased this at another time, the rest of the duration is always different. i.e.

user 1 has still 3 months out of his 12 months valid
user 2 has 5 months out of 12 months left
user 3 .... etc.

See screenshot.

It seems that in XF, I can not set an individual date as enddate for this premium group. I only can say i.e.6 months and that for all of them.

I need a solution, to put the enddates marked in yellow into xf. Exact that date for that specific user. in vb this was possible.

What Jake is telling you is that if you manually upgrade the same user (even though he is already upgraded) then you can set a different end date.

I just finished all the work with manually putting the premium membership with the enddate into my forum. Everything looks good. Now I have 2 problems:

1. Although the premium membership of one user is still valid for 3 months, he just made again a paypal payment for the same premium membership for another 12 months. That is fine with me, but surprisingly in the ACP, this user is still shown with the end date in 3 months and not with end date in 12 months. So it looks like the change does not come through to XF.

2. Is there a way to see the duration of a payed premium membership as admin or moderator in his normal frontend userprofile? I find it rather complicated to check all this in the ACP..
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