XF 1.3 Setting email notification watch settings in xf_forum_watch

There's a forum in my xenforo installation that we wanted all account holders to watch and receive email notifications of new threads.

so I went into the database and in the xf_forum_watch table put a new line for each account holder, entering the data into the fields: user_id, node_id, notify_on, send_alert, send email.

That was easy and worked fine. so now all my users are in that table set like this:

I can log in as any of the users and see that the forum is in their "Watched Forums" list as "New Threads, Emails".

The problem is that when I post a new thread in that forum, no one gets the email.

Is there anything else that needs to be done in the db to get this to work?

Thanks everyone.


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I don't believe there's anything else that needs to be done. Are you getting emails for other things from the board? If you subscribe to the forum "normally", do you get emails? (Note that you won't get emails from your own threads and in some other cases.)
Hey Mike,

Thanks for your reply! Okay, great, I'm glad that my understanding was correct: the only thing required from the database side of things to change a users forum watch setting is to change or make an entry for him in the xf_forum_watch table.

Yes, normally I get emails just fine. I have gotten a few responses from people that would indicate that they received an email notification of a new thread that I posted in node 2 after subscribing everyone to it in the xf_forum_watch table. I just hadn't received the notification email myself. It totally possible (probable?) that I just had an error of logic while thinking that it hadn't emailed out the notification. Is there any log kept of email notifications sent? I mean is there a data table that keeps a record of the email notifications that are sent out, maybe like:
user_id the email was sent to, email subject, email body, date, time

Thanks again Mike. I appreciate your help with this.


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There's no log of sent emails -- you might be able to look at your server's mail log (if you have access to that).