XF 2.1 setting default privacy options

Tom McIntyre

Active member
I cannot find a way to change the default values for account privacy.

We have disabled profile posts in our current forums because of the confusion between profile posts and conversations.

I believe if we change the default value from "members" to "people you follow" the feature would be usable for us and members might not be confused by it.

The only way I could see that this might be done was to edit the account_privacy but that does not seem to work. It is probably because I made an error in the template trying to exchange the positions and logic for "members" and "followed."

Is there a simpler way to adjust the default settings for users?


XenForo moderator
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The only way to change the privacy settings for member accounts other than your own is one by one in the ACP, or via a query on the database if you want to change it for all accounts.

Doing so won't prevent them from changing it again in the future, unless you make changes to the templates and/or code.

Tom McIntyre

Active member
I realize I would need a database query to change the existing values. The problem is that the current default is to allow members to post on other's personal profile pages. Our users are not sophisticated enough to know that such a message is not a private message even though they can see that everyone else's messages are visible to them.

What I am trying to do is to change the default from members to followed so that the profile owner must invite someone to post on their profile instead of allowing all registered users to post there if they take no action.

They can have it however they like as long as they do it on purpose.

Tom McIntyre

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For all who were scratching their heads at how dense I am, the user registration setup has these default settings. I had not looked at that in 3 years or more and had forgotten about it.

It is trivial to set all those accounts with the old default setting to the new default setting since privacy is a very simple table.

I am also planning to "clean the slate" of all the misunderstood profile posts by changing the status to moderated (currently unused) from visible. For those who object, I can easily set them back to visible.