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Setting a different language for the admin section


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Today I wrote about the situation where some forum admin might like to keep the admin section of the forum in English language although a different language has been set as the default board language. In the post mentioned above I showed a code modification for achieving this effect. Ragtek then pointed out that the same can be done in a better way by making use of a code event. Taking ragtek's hint I have created an add-on which I am providing here. It might come in handy for some of you. Thanks ragtek. :)

Unzip the file provided here, upload the contents of the upload folder to your xenforo installation and then import the xml file.

The following screenshot shows the different options for this add-on.



  • admin_language.zip
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I was installing this add-on and I found two issues.

1: Directory structure is not correct, "AdminLanguage" directory is missing under "Nabeel" directory.

I fixed it by creating that directory and moving "Visitor" directory under that.

2: It throws a warning on new PHP versions.

is_a(): Deprecated. Please use the instanceof operator in Setup.php at line 14

I fixed it by changing:

if(is_a($dependencies, "XenForo_Dependencies_Admin"))


if($dependencies instanceof XenForo_Dependencies_Admin)

After that, it worked like a charm. :)


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Can this be done user per user? I like to have my Admin in english, but I am sure, my Co-Admin will dislike it in english.


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You could put in a check on the user id inside the listen method of the Nabeel_AdminLanguage_Visitor_Setup class.


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Hello, looking at my server error log I've seen many lines of this error

Undefined index: fc
15 minutes ago - library/Nabeel/AdminLanguage/Visitor/Setup.php:9

The addon seems to be working regularly but it's possibile to solve this?


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You could put in a check...
This addon is not compatible with Tapatalk since give this error to all the users entering the forum with Tapatalk
Server error occured:'call to a member function getDependencies() on a non object (Setup.php:11)'
I've just posted the request here


As soon as I've disabled this plugin Tapatalk worked fine. Can you fix it? I believe this plugin is invaluable but you need to fix this error and the other one i've spotted out...