Setting a cookie with xenforo.js: $.setCookie('name', 'value', 'expires)

Chris D

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xenforo.js contains this function:

		 * Sets a cookie.
		 * @param string cookie name (escaped)
		 * @param mixed cookie value
		 * @param string cookie expiry date
		 * @return mixed cookie value
		setCookie: function(name, value, expires)
			console.log('Set cookie %s=%s', name, value);

			document.cookie = XenForo._cookieConfig.prefix + name + '=' + encodeURIComponent(value)
				+ (expires === undefined ? '' : ';expires=' + expires.toGMTString())
				+ (XenForo._cookieConfig.path  ? ';path=' + XenForo._cookieConfig.path : '')
				+ (XenForo._cookieConfig.domain ? ';domain=' + XenForo._cookieConfig.domain : '');

			return value;
I am using the following syntax in <script type="text/javascript"> tags in a template:

$.setCookie('name', 'value')

This successfully sets a cookie called "name" with a value of "value". By default, as no expiry time is specified, it creates a session cookie.

Can anyone help me with the correct syntax to specify an expiry date?

Thanks :)


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I had the same problem with my addon ToogleMe. Here is a way to do it:
        var expires = 7; // number of days
        expires = new Date(new Date().getTime() + expires * 86400000); // milliseconds in a day
The cookie has now an expiration date... and shouldn't be deleted any more when browser is closed