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Liam W

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Services offered by Liam W

(Please be aware that I may turn down service requests due to time constraints. Please be aware that this is not personal.)
I offer the following services. Please be aware that prices vary wildly, and are almost arbitrary. However, I believe all prices are fair, and possibly less than expected.
  • Custom Development
  • Add-On Modification
  • XenForo Installation/Upgrades
  • Add-On Installation/Upgrades
  • Basic XenForo Configuration


You may contact me via personal conversation here, personal conversation on my site (, or by posting in my custom services forum on my site.
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I've also worked with Liam with two add-ons (no increase for short posts and post macros). He works quickly and while I can't speak for the code side of things, I can make things very simple by saying: it works, with no headaches. Highly recommend him!
Happy New Year

I am interested in finding a developer to move and integrate my existing licensed xenforo with its customizations to a new Symfony 2 platform. Are you able to do this or can you recommend someone?

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Liam W

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I am temporarily unavailable for 'big' projects. Small projects however shouldn't be an issue.

Exams are, unfortunately, more important :)

Liam W

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Thread updated :)

Please be aware that I'm still unavailable for 'big' projects, due to exams coming up quickly, but I would like to recoup costs to actually get driving lessons, so...