XF 1.2 Server Reverting problem

I went to my host and they said it's a Xenforo issue, I have noticed that over the past couple of days at different times the forum would revert back a couple of days. Other times it's fine. Has anyone had this issue?


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XenForo can't do that on its own.

There is nothing in the code which could roll back the users/threads/posts several days.


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Consider changing hosts then.

The only thing which can roll back a database is by doing a restore of a previous backup.

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@Devilwillcry4you I've heard this before and experienced this as well (first hand).

Please check to see if your host is in this list

If it is you may want to read this

Then run and seek a better provider. There are many who advertise on WebHostingTalk.com

I've been "moving" people for the last few days because of odd behavior such as this, not only on XenForo, but WordPress, vBulletin, IPB, phpBB, FluxBB, and various other developments.

Adam Howard

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Funny you mentioned wordpress I just updated 2 plugins this morning and just now it asked to do them again on 2 separate sites.
It is a hosting issue.

I personally have theories as to why it is happening. But I don't know for sure. I do know other people have been experiencing this (regardless of the software development they were using).

My theory is that they're trying to implement some sort of true cloud network. Of course that's one theory. Because I first ran across this when trying to upgrade someone's site.

It upgraded, then suddenly everything was reverted. But oddly, sometimes when I revisited the site, it was back to the way I had it (completely upgraded). Then I would visit it again & found it reverted. I had to keep applying it over and over, before it took.

It was a weird "doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde" type thing.

But never the less you're not alone and it's not XenForo or the software you are using.
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