Server problems?


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I have noticed that Xenforo is a little slow today when posting or editing. It froze up on me for like 5-10 secs several times.


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I thought it was just me, but no... some others have had the same problem.

I think its just that there's a upsurge of activity, and visitors to the site that is causing the server to run slower.


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All good on this end and I live in Norfolk our internet is crude and sloppy at best, we're well behind times, we only got electricity last year.


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There was a blip about an hour ago, and that's all. I hate to think how many page reloads are going on right now.

(Oh my God, I'm "well-known"! Normally that takes me about a year on a forum. And even then, it's more like "kinda familiar." Ahahaha.)


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No noticeable dip in performance on my end. Although, it's probably a given that the server might seem a little less responsive as we near "release hour".