XF 1.5 Server Error Logs


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Greetings friends,

As I was away 2 days from city and did not visit my forum, before going out from the city I was using my forum everyday and did not face any problem.
Today I just came back and I got messages from few users by saying forum was horribly slow and doing funny things Yesterday and was keep logging in and out people.
So I just logged in now to my admin panel and I was seeing this Server Error Logs message alert in my ACP. Please check the attached screenshot and let me know what was going on my forum, appreciate your assistance as it makes me worried...

and when I clicked on that error log link it opened a pop up windows by saying...


Tracy Perry

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and when I clicked on that error log link it opened a pop up windows by saying...
Well, I see at least one (possibly 2)add-ons in that stack trace. Have you tried disabling those two add-ons (MostPosts (by Andy) and Mega History (I guess it is)) and see if it works.

As for other things to look at, you are using some add-on that has to do with interesting numbers facts (that is wha the numbersapi.com is related to). Is that another add-on that you have? If so disable it also.


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It would indeed seem to be generated as a result of this add-on:


It would be worth contacting the author to check what has happened here and whether the slowness was related to multiple HTTP requests being fired that were taking too long (that could happen, for example, if the API calls were taking too long).
Oh thanks a lot, if this has happened because of that plugin I better disable now and will try to contact author hope he improves this plugin further. Thanks heaps for the reply much appreciated