XF 1.5 Server Error Log: Zend_Mail_Transport_Exception



All of a sudden I am getting the odd server error logged with regards to Zend Mail.

Emails notifications do see to work fine right now, so this is quite confusing.

Please advise what other info you may need in order to troubleshoot, thanks!

Error Info
Zend_Mail_Transport_Exception: Email to ****@gmail.com failed: Unable to send mail. mail(): Bad parameters to mail() function, mail not sent. -library/Zend/Mail/Transport/Sendmail.php:137
Generated By: Unknown Account, Friday at 12:04 PM

Stack Trace
#0 /home/content/33/8436533/html/library/Zend/Mail/Transport/Abstract.php(348): Zend_Mail_Transport_Sendmail->_sendMail()
#1 /home/content/33/8436533/html/library/Zend/Mail.php(1194): Zend_Mail_Transport_Abstract->send(Object(Zend_Mail))
#2 /home/content/33/8436533/html/library/XenForo/Model/MailQueue.php(79): Zend_Mail->send(Object(Zend_Mail_Transport_Sendmail))
#3 /home/content/33/8436533/html/library/XenForo/Deferred/MailQueue.php(10): XenForo_Model_MailQueue->runMailQueue(7.9584550857544)
#4 /home/content/33/8436533/html/library/XenForo/Model/Deferred.php(295): XenForo_Deferred_MailQueue->execute(Array, Array, 7.9584550857544, '')
#5 /home/content/33/8436533/html/library/XenForo/Model/Deferred.php(429): XenForo_Model_Deferred->runDeferred(Array, 7.9584550857544, '', false)
#6 /home/content/33/8436533/html/library/XenForo/Model/Deferred.php(374): XenForo_Model_Deferred->_runInternal(Array, NULL, '', false)
#7 /home/content/33/8436533/html/deferred.php(23): XenForo_Model_Deferred->run(false)
#8 {main}

Request State
array(3) {
["url"] => string(36) "http://www.****.org/deferred.php"
["_GET"] => array(0) {
["_POST"] => array(3) {
["_xfRequestUri"] => string(1) "/"
["_xfNoRedirect"] => string(1) "1"
["_xfResponseType"] => string(4) "json"
In general, we haven't been able to identify the cause of this particular error ("bad parameters to mail() function"). You can see some discussion of it here: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/server-error-email-not-sent.80013/ The message isn't something I've found in the PHP source so I'm not sure where it's coming from.
Most likely it's the MTA configuration that is buggy. Some of the comments that I found in the search for that phrase tend to deal with the sending of HTML messages.
Also found some others that involved a trailing space in the email address.
Another response I found said that this resolved their issue (they were on GoDaddy)
In php.ini for PHP's built-in default is text/hml it was commented out.
;default_charset = "ISO-8859-1" which I uncommented and set to default_charset = "UTF-8" which appeared to solve the problem. I hope that doesn't break something else.
For the php.ini reference, I think he was talking about this setting
default_mimetype = "text/html"
Would be interesting to see if those having issues if they change those two settings it resolves it.
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