Server 500 Error trying to view profiles


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My site has been ticking along in its first 24 hours and 99.9% of things seem to work OK. One problem that is bugging me is when I got to view a members profile, or even my own profile, I get a server 500 error.

I have checked the error logs and nothing is appearing in there, I even have a tail -f statement to see what appears.

Any ideas anyone?

nginx server here BTW..

Anything in your XF ACP error log?

Also, have you tried disabling all add-ons and/or switching to the default style?
Found the problem, it was actually logged in server errors. An errent addon was the cause, disabled it and all is well in Rome
Care to share what add-on was causing the issue?

With 130 add-ons on my site.... I'm always open to hear what maybe lurking around the corner.
It was the Profile Count add-on. To defend it I think the problem eventuated when I moved from test environment to live. I have had to reinstall a few add-ons due to this, I just missed this one.
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