Series conversations for new users


How can I make it so that I can create a series of conversations with new users. For example, day 1 - getting to know the forum, day 2 - benefits of subscribing, day 3 - do you like the forum? And so on. That is, like a series of emails, only with conversations. I think it's called in email marketing - email chains. Only I need it for conversations. Because conversations are duplicated on email.
You'd likely need an add-on, but I don't think it's a good idea anyway. People wouldn't wanna be spammed like this and it will just put them off your forum.

As it is, the system can autogenerate one conversation at registration with any text you like, so it would make sense to make it a welcome message, but don't send any more. In that one message, you can welcome them, list some benefits of membership and ask them to leave feedback after a few days. I think that would be plenty.
There will be series of conversation that user will receive after x days . I think each conversation should be start from different user that admin will decide.
I don't think being spammed by several user instead of the same one will make much of a difference. People still won't like it.
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