Lack of interest Separate reporting systems for mods and members

Mr Lucky

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I would like a system whereby when someone reports a post, there are two separate report centres or forums available, so that posts reported by members are available and archived in different location to those reported by mods.

Currently we have all reports going to a report forum but then manually have to add a prefix, either MOD REPORT or MEMBER REPORT.

We have found the report centre is good for members' reports, but when a mod reports a post we prefer to have them as threads because very often they are of a different nature:

  • When a member reports, they are mostly along the lines of "this is an offensive post" which is quickly dealt with and resolved for which the report centre works well, along with a notification to the member that the report was accepted or not.
  • When a mod reports it is often more like "watch this thread it may go off the rails, what do you all think?" in this case we find it works best as a thread in our admin section, easy to archive and find and is often quite a big discussion which we can sticky if necesssary.

Mr Lucky

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I personally dislike the idea. It seems like bloat to me.

Staff members are members, too, after all.
But different to other members.

I'm not suggesting it should be compulsory, just useful for people who would find it useful..

The reason I mentioned it is because all 5 of my moderators think it would be useful.