Lack of interest Everyone's News Feed Auto-Refresh for Mods and Admins


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I realize that you do not want to make it auto-refresh for everyone. But it would be awesome if it can be made auto-refresh for moderators and administrators!

I use vaispy plugin on vBulletin which runs a dedicate page for auto-refreshing posts on the forum. Comes real handy when you are not actively participating on the forum. but can give a quick glance to see if everything is fine.

This would be a god send. I can of course use a browser extension to auto refresh the page after a break. But an internal support would be nice.


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Ok. some clarifications on this. I am not looking for a real time updating thing that would of course put a lot of pressure on the server.

I am looking for something that refreshes after a admin set interval. 10/15/20 seconds! this should not be a server killer option.

I am already using such a functionality on my vb4 forum and it is open to public. a few of the users might be running it occasionally. it has not caused any major problems till now.


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we have a mod for VB which shows updates to threads etc, and it refreshes itself every 60 seconds, we don't get any load increase from it. If it's not something that the guys want to add in by default, i'm sure we could do it as a mod or something =)