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I asked this several times on vB forums, and many folks want that too.

It's about language. We are non-english portal, and translating it, is a pain in the ***, as we can't know which are user based phrases, and which are admin phrases.

We want to have admin phrases in English due to transparency and easier translating new updates, so want to translate only user phrases. But now, we are forced to translate almost everything.

Please consider it.
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I think Xen team would work this out if they wanna sell product in non-English country.Xen fans would help to translate if Xen only focus on English speaking market.
I totally agree.

And me too! I use the great professional Dutch 'Applinet' translation for vBulletin 3.x and they decided to only translate the frontend (so not the ACP) and rightfully so (for all the obvious reasons/benefits). Even so, a lot of dutch words are popping up in the ACP, because in vBulletin it is simply not possible to divide the ACP and frontend when it comes to translations.

It is beyond me why you need a non-english translated ACP in the first place. If you don't understand english, you wouldn't even be able to manage vBulletin to begin with.

I fully support this suggestion. It was requested many, many times for vBulletin.
is there any chance to separate Front-End language and ACP-Back-End language ?

I am currently willing to put in the time to translate the Front-End portion of the language into german language. Translating the ACP-backend (Admin) into another language like german takes too much time and effort for the start, so translating of the Front-end (user-interface) makes much more sense to me for the moment.

How to see which phrases and words are being used at the front-end of the webseite and which ones are being used within the ACP-backend ?
this would be great.
id like to make multiple translations available to members, but translating the apc is a drag as it is unnecessary.
Just for clarity, there is no "back end" and "front end" in terms of the overall code structure. The templates are separate obviously. However, phrases are shared and the same code runs things in the ACP and the public code. (I know many people know this, but just explaining the technicals.)
So if i create a new addon, like lets say a gallery (vbgallery for instance has like 800 or more phrases, 0ver half of them being in acp), there is no way of not fetching the acp phrases and gallery phrases on front end forum pages?
Doesn't that give some overhead memorywise?.. specially on pages that dont need any of them (thinking of the descriptions of all the settings :eek: etc...)

As for the translation, when writing an addon, i use following syntax for phrases...
a prefix, example (for a blog): xb
all phrases used in "front end" (what we novices call front end) will be:
and all phrases used in admin panel only will be:

So at least when translating "front end" only, its easier..
When I imagine that we can get a Central Registration System one day in the future, it will be possible to create multilingual communities pretty easy. Even languages we're not that familiar with.

Imho, it would be very helpful, if we (as admins) could decide that we want to localize the frontend while the administration and moderation backend remains e.g. english across all localized sub-sites (additional Xenforo licenses).

While you might want to run a german language community section, you're possibly not familiar enough with german language to use it in the Admin Control Panel all the time. :)
We would like to have our board's public interface to be translated in to local language while keeping the admin interface in default English. This makes our life easier specially when it comes to RTL languages. This is lot more easier to keep the translations up and minimizes the number of phrases to be translated.

Currently all shipped phrases are in a single name space "XenForo". Which makes it lot more difficult to filter only public interface phrases to translate. And if we some how do it then common phrases between the two interfaces will create a mess.

At this stage it should not be difficult for rocking excellent XenForo team to make this change. A simple grep/find command in public and admin section templates directory separately will show the phrases id's used in both. Then the common ones can be duplicated and templates can be modified accordingly (with somewhat automated mechanism). Also those id lists will help to mass change the name space of the phrases.

We would really appreciate this improvement.
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