XF 1.4 SEO

Hello all,

How can I change the meta description of the site board? Also, what is the link of the sitemap? I want to submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.

Also, do you have robots.txt file on your site? If yes, what do you recommend putting in there?
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For the first: Options -> Basic Board Information -> Board Meta Description.

For the sitemap it is simply domain.com/sitemap.php.
All you should need to enter is sitemap.php.
Yes I know. But I want what to include in the robots.txt file. I have seen other posts by you suggesting what to insert in the file but those are 1 year old. Could you please share here a list of what is recommended to include in the robots.txt file?
When I go to xenforo.com/sitemap.php I can see it online, whereas when I do the same on my site it automatically downloads a zip file.