[SEO] Should i disable user indexing?


I have a Minecraft forum and 1.1million users. These user names includes a lot of words. For example when people searches for a porn site my website showing in 2. page. My hits suddenly increased. And now 50% of visitors coming for a porn site but my website is not a porn site. Im afraid Google will ban my website because Google is banning Porn websites in some countries.

So, should i disable user indexing?
I think I'm going to do the same thing. There is no value indexing member pages and all their irrelevant keywords.

I think I am also going go deindex my whole off-topic section as it seems to be diluting my topic


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It can be a good thing if you block member pages from google because they usually have not much value and your value content on the forum gets more value if you block them. But of course it all depends on circumstances. If you get a lot of traffic on them you might want to keep them in Google. Unless most users bounce. Then it's better to remove it.
It's different for everyone.


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I don't block them in robots.txt, I just make them members only.
Most but not all search engines / bots respect robots.txt