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SEO/SEM Techniques for a brand new forum to receive guaranteed traffic.


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Thought I'd get this started with 2 things I've been doing to grow new sites.

1. Use RSS feeds from Twitter/Facebook to constantly post new threads/posts in a subforum. Give Google your sitemaps. Twitter/Facebook content/users are not being indexed on Google. Given that, it's your duty to do it.

What is your new forum-based site? Categorizing social media. That is how you are legit.

2. Google+ SEO. You can auto post to Google Profiles using THIS technique (no one is automating this yet):


Basically, you Automate this using a RSS to Email through SMTP (RSS to Email to Google Voice to Google Plus) . This will auto-post an RSS feed to your Google+ profile. Given the image below, I believe you will see how it will be lucrative to have a Google+ profile that has a lot of content (there is a greater chance for Google to list you on the Search Engine).

Edit: I was meaning for it to say "Receive" in the title.


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Elaborating more on topic 1.

A website is popular based on the Quality or Quantity of the content. Google is not indexing Twitter & Facebook. If you provide your site with automated RSS feeds connected to Google Search through Sitemaps, you will gain traffic that you otherwise wouldn't.

My spreadsheet is @ http://rss.r-shief.org

How to Video (in vbulletin but it's the same concept with Xenforo, Wordpress, etc). You just need to keep an eye on your categorization.



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To reiterate:

You locate social network users / pages.

You locate their RSS feed.

You set up the RSS feed to auto-post threads in a specific sub-forum.

You give Google Webmaster tools the sitemaps from your site.

To Google, it's all original content since they don't index Twitter nor Facebook. "Google Panda" is not able to say "hey this is not original content" when there is absolutely no content in their search index from Facebook or Twitter.

The RSS feeds populate your site with content which in-turn generates hits from Google Search. You are basically categorizing social network content and re-posting it to build your web property.