SEO question about the meta title


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A question SEO, or rather the meta title of my site. I'm starting a blog and a xenforo-forum about wargaming and model building. In Swedish. And I was just wondering; what would you rather have as SEO title, to be able to get out the most from google searches? (Don't worry about the length, it's different in Swedish :p)

1. MiniatureHobby - Swedens new forum about wargaming and hobby
2. MiniatureHobby - Swedish forum about Warhammer, wargaming and hobby

So the biggest concern is: Should I include the most famous type of wargaming brand (Warhammer) in the SEO title, even though it's also about other types of wargaming and hobbies?

My plan, if I go with the second option, is to change it later and remove the Warhammer brand. But will that hurt SEO (will I get a google penalty for changing title)?



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As far as I know, Google doesn't even use the meta keywords, so I wouldn't worry about it in the least.