SEO - Google indexing member profiles, good or bad?


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I noticed google has indexed all the members profiles of my site, is this a good or bad thing to happen in regards to SEO, I always thought it was best not to


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The thing about it is that Google can route your site - by standard, google wants you to have a roadmap somehow - so it's a good thing. However, it's a bad thing because spammers use it to game google's search engine - to attract more link clicks, ahem - backlinks. To the owner that owns the site, it's a bad thing, because it's a useless account... And it attracts more garbage.


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It's a neither nor situation, I think. I disallow Google to index it, both for privacy issues and to stop my member profiles to pollute search results for my site. I want to focus on my actual content, not my members profiles. Also, it prevents any effect silent spam would have.


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For years, I allowed this figuring it couldn't hurt. With the increase in spamming of profiles, it's simply not worth the risk. I'm aggressive in tracking down spammed accounts and deleting them. If a spammer visits your site and spams a profile, there is a chance he'll send crap links to your site to build up the link value. By removing access to Google bot in robots.txt, I tend to think it limits my exposure to bad neighborhood linking done by these spammers.


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Remove the /members/ folder, just be sure to disallow it in robots.txt first, otherwise Google will deny your request.

Brandon Sheley

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I'd suggest blocking profiles with your robots.txt file.
There is generally poor content on those pages, I'd rather have google focus on the real content.


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Yeah, that is assuming full friendly URL's. I might be wrong here, but if you aren't using full friendly URL's, you need to remove them one by one.