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I implemented this evening Virtual Forums which actually do this:

Artists > Impressionists > "Van Gogh forum" [forum id is 1]
Masterartists > "Van Gogh forum [link]" [forum id is 5, this is a forum link to forum id = 1]

Forum View: Whenever a user goes to the Masterartists > Van Goch forum, the "Van Goth forum" is displayed to him, but with the Masterartists > "Van Gogh forum [link]" - Breadcrumb, and he is actually browsing /van-gogh-forum.5. I set a canonical link to Artists > Impressionists > "Van Gogh forum".

Thread View: When the user goes to a topic within the Masterartists > Van Gogh forum, he sees the topic, but with the Masterartists > "Van Gogh forum [link]" - Breadcrumb.

I am unsure about how this works out with the idea of Canonical links in the thread view, as the thread URL is unchanged. A canonical link from "threads/color-discussion.4334" to the same "threads/color-discussion.4334" is pointless.

How would you solve that problem?
Actually it all works now perfectly, and the breadcrumbs are from the Virtual Forum.

My question is how to deal with canonical links for thread pages. The thread pages are completely the same (html, url) with the only difference that depending on the personal users visit history, a different breadcrumb will be displayed. Google would not like it as it should know which breadcrumb data should be more correct.
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