XF 1.1 Sending emails: PHP vs SMTP - Spam vs Speed


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Hey guys,

I have my site's email hosted on Google Apps. Everything is set-up (DNS and everything), Xenforo picks up the settings very well and the emails are sent flawless. However, using SMTP on Xenforo means basically that whenever an user posts a thread or message on the forum, it comes with a 1-2 second lag after pressing the button. On the other hand, choosing the PHP mailing option (with -F) of course, works ok but some email providers, such as Yahoo, flag the emails as spam, thus misplacing them.

Now I'm in a bit of a situation, I don't really like the message posting lag but on the other hand, I hate the "please check your spam folders" tactic, it's lame and I would love to avoid it.

Any ideas how can I fix this? Is the SMTP check improved in 1.2 or the phpmailer is the way to go? If so, is there any workaround? Thanks alot