XF 2.2 Sending email updates, wait for edit delay?


So, I'd like to have the immediate messages that get sent out wait for the Enable edit log display after is over. Does this make sense? I'd like to include the body text (and so would my members) but it really helps our community to be able to edit their posts for a few minutes after they post it. I want the email to be generated after the time limit has been reached Enable edit log display after. Currently mine is set for 5 minutes. What I'd like is that the email that gets sent out gets sent after that time setting. This would allow the user to correct for tone, etc or spelling. Then, the emails that go out actually match what was written (and edited). Currently there is dissatisfaction that the emails do not contain the text. But, I'd only feel comfortable if there was a delay in generating the email.

When is the alert message sent? Right away? Is there a way to get it to wait for the amount of time set in Enable edit log display after
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