Sendgrid and Private messages


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Hey Guys,

Wanted to know if I missed something or what, I setup Sendgrid this morning on a forum I am bringing back to life and sent a mass mail. 350 emails was sent out.

Members are coming back but password resets since I converted the forum, and emails when I get messages are not coming to my email.

Can anyone explain a little more to me on the settings?


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Are there any emails coming out? Like user conformation after registration?
What email server and port do you have in XF's ACP?


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nothing was coming through, I had it set to and port 587?

I ended up changing to sparkpost and been happy since a few days after this. I do not use bounce email stuff so I just needed a way to send mass mails and send out notifications and such.


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I had it set how they wanted it with SSL could not remember the port used. But It would send out test emails. But it would not send me notifications and private message emails. I changed already and have been super happy.