Send ZIP File to Browser



How can i send a zipfile from the server to the browser?

Are there any XenForo methods for this?
NOrmaly i would use header(...) but it's not working
From inside the xenforo framework?

Take a look at the how xenforo handles attachment viewing, to get the idea. Specifically these two classes: XenForo_ControllerPublic_Attachment, and XenForo_ViewPublic_Attachment_View. Heres some sample code:

/* In your Controller: */

public function actionIndex()
	// Check the viewing user's permission.
	// Check if the zip file is accessible.
	// Any other check you want to perform.

	// Fetch the $zip file info (from db?).


	$viewParams = array(
		'download_name' => '',
		'file_path'     => $zip['file_path'],
		'file_size'     => $zip['file_size']

	return $this->responseView('Your_View_File', '', $viewParams);
/* In your View: */

public function renderRaw()
	$this->_response->setHeader('Content-type', 'application/zip', true);
	$this->_response->setHeader('Content-length', $this->_params['file_size']);


	return file_get_contents($this->_params['file_path']);
Oh man, i've forgotten that i could check the attachment code for this:D

thx very much, it's working great.
I hope that my add-on package builder can be released soon
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