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Send Resource to a friend / Friend Invitation Viral Marketing:
For example if you have a "Resource" in the RM-Manager, then you could "send" this "Resource-File" (e.g. a .pdf-File) to a friend.​
Well, you do actually NOT send the File itself via E-mail, but you just send a specific "Link-URL" to your friend.​
The friend then needs to register at the website, in order to "view" or "Download" the Resource-File at the website via this specific Link-URL.​
It is exciting because every user will WANT to register in order to see the File which his friend has sent to him.​
human psychology works like this:​
if a friend sends you an image or a file, then you want to see this image or file.... and therefore you will register at the website.... and probably also start to use this website.​
Think about , they had the same viral-marketing strategy:​
You could NOT send a big file via E-mail to your friend. So what to do ?​
You uploaded this big file to Megaupload.​
Then you (or the system) just send a specific Link-URL to your friend.​
Then your friend could go to Megaupload and download this big file via access to a specific Link-URL.​
It is a very old, but free and viral internet-marketing-concept.​
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Ever heard of "Viral Marketing" ? :rolleyes:

Do you think an average user will copy and paste that Link, enter it into an Email and send it to a friend ?