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I'm sure this might have been mention and suggested but I think (for admins only) when creating a poll they have an option to send it to the sidebar which would give the poll a little prominence.

If this has been suggested feel free to merge with that thread.

Edit: Or if the admin likes and deems worthy a members poll the admin can send it to the sidebar.

Edit: Since it was first added in the add-on framework (sorry forgot the authors name) it's been proved time and time again that poll usage and participation increases greatly being present on the sidebar.
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or a global poll setup from adminCP
I can see that it is easy to implement this ... I was trying to do it but I had alot of problem ... because I am not PRO so ..
I was able to show a poll in my page but never to HomePage


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Polls in sidebar are great way how to receive in very short time great feedback from your site members. Definitely this should be included to core in the future.

And here is my small suggestion:

Don't forget to include Poll history! By clicking on link Show More Polls you will be redirected to poll history where you will be able to view results from previous polls or vote in them (if they are still open for votes).