Self-Assigned Groups


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I run a popular community that very strongly identifies with certain labels (psychological, astrological; MBTI Type or Horoscope Sign etc...).

I found a great plugin to display groups you belong to with ribbons ( but I don't want to manually add all the Aries to the Aries group or the INTJ's to theirs. So, how would I go about allowing people to select which "groups" they identify with (maybe during the sign up process)?

I'm aware of group promotions and criteria, but is there any criteria to promote a person to the Aries group once they create their first post/reply in the "Aries"forum topic (node?)

Thank you


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You can use custom user fields and user group promotion.

The members would check which groups they want to join.


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Wow that was a fast response.

That's awesome as it was really important to choose XenForo for the community.

Are there any hints where I could find those custom user fields and user group promotions or what I could read to get started in understanding how to create them?